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Israeli Air Force Yearbook 2011
Never Before Published Photos of Israel's Air Force
Israeli Air Force Yearbook 2011

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IAF Moving South
Author: Ofer Zidon (photography)
Price: $54.00 
Special Price: $48.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657371139
ISBN 13: 9789657371138
Catalog Number: 9789657371138
Number of Pages: 76
Year Published: 2011

The new IAF Yearbook covers the main events that took place in the IAF between the summer of 2008 and the summer of 2011. The major events covered are: Operation Cast Lead in late 2009 - early 2010 to stop the terrorist rocket attacks from Gaza strip to the cities in south Israel.

Moving of the heavy transport wing from central Israel Lod AFB to South Israel Nevatim AFB in the Negev desert.Structural changes in the IAF including the activation of new squadrons and delivery of new hardware. Participation of the IAF in international exercises. expansion of UAV fleet and the activation of the new Eitan squadron. IAF heavy investments in modern simulators.

Activation of a new fire fighting squadron as a result of the massive Carmel forest fire in the summer of 2010. Renewal and modernization of the fleet: Barak 2020 F-16C/D improvement
plan, armed UH-60 blackhawk program, Re'em tanker conversions, A-4 Ahit replacement preparations and purchase contracts for the C-130J Super Hercules and F-35 Lightning II. The book contain 76 full color pages with about 160 photos, most of them never published before.

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