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Perek Shira; Nature's Song
Perek Shira; Nature's Song
Author: Natan Slifkin
Price: $29.95 
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9655240339
ISBN 13: 9789655240337
Catalog Number: d033 / 033-7
Number of Pages: 438
Year Published: 2011

The ancient and mysterious midrash of Perek Shirah uses verses from Scripture to illustrate the 'song' of the different components and inhabitants of the natural world - their spiritual lessons for mankind. 'Nature's Song is the only comprehensive English elucidation of the entire text of Perek Shirah. It makes use of rare ancient commentaries on Perek Shirah, as well as contemporary insights from modern science. The result is a spiritual encyclopedia of the natural world, synthesizing the ancient with the modern, that enables one to perceive new depths of insight into the natural world that surrounds us.