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The Mishna Hanoch Albeck 6 Vol Set (Hebrew)
Commentary by founder of Scientific Approach
The Mishna Hanoch Albeck 6 Vol Set (Hebrew)
Shisha Sidrei Mishna Chanoh Albeck
Author: Hanoch Albeck
Price: $360.00 
Special Price: $195.95
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9650102086
ISBN 13: 9789650102081
Catalog Number: D-1197 / g208n
Number of Pages: 3100
Year Published: 1958

This is a 6 volume Mishna set. It is in Hebrew and contains a running commentary by Hanoch Albeck. It also features a new punctuation by Chanoch Yelin.
Shisha Sidrei Mishna Meforashim Bidei Chanoh Albeck