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Maskilon Complete 4 Volume Boxed Set
Maskilon Complete 4 Volume Boxed Set
Learnerís Kit For the Study of Hebrew
Authors: David Morrison
Abraham Solomonick
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652293210
ISBN 13: 9789652293213
Catalog Number: 321-0 / g321
Number of Pages: 500
Year Published: 2003

The Maskilon series constitutes a comprehensive teaching kit for those venturing into the exciting effort of studying Hebrew.

Maskilon I: Dictionary with Verb Roots - Contains verb roots together with their English translations, Maskilon includes commonly used derivatives that help the Hebrew student reach a deeper and more contextual understanding of Hebrew. ISBN 965-229-272-9

Maskilon II: Practical Hebrew Grammar - For beginning and intermediate Hebrew students, this is a straightforward, non-technical guide to grammar that is indispensable for everyday speaking, reading and writing. Complete with useful exercises, vowels and pronunciation. ISBN 965-229-273-7

Maskilon III: Practical Hebrew Grammar - Contains a list of Hebrew abbreviations and idioms, with their English translations. The grammar table and root descriptions of Hebrew verbs are useful tools for beginning Hebrew and English students. ISBN 965-229-274-5

Maskilon IV: English-Hebrew Learners Dictionary - Includes those words that are important during the early stages of learning the Hebrew language, specially presented in a way that connects them to other Hebrew words and reveals their potential from a grammatical point of view. ISBN 965-229-312-1

Sold individually and as a set ISBN 965-229-321-0.