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Maskilon Russian Hebrew English Dictionary Set
Maskilon Russian Hebrew English Dictionary Set
Three Voume Set
Author: David Morrison
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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Format: Hard Cover
Catalog Number: 9-229-9
Number of Pages: 1556

Maskilon I: Presents the root word and its derivatives with English and Russian translations, providing immediate, associative learning of the main patterns of Hebrew word formation. Includes verb roots, tables of verb conjugation and a root index. (Hardcover / 584 pages)

Maskilon II: For beginning and intermediate Hebrew students, this is a straightforward, nontechnical guide to grammar that is indispensable for everyday speaking, reading and writing. Complete with useful exercises, vowels and pronunciation. (Paperback / 208 pages)

Maskilon III: This comprehensive dictionary contains over 11,000 entries, including a list of abbreviations and idioms, together with their Russian translations. Also includes a grammar table, and root descriptions of Hebrew verbs, making this dictionary ideal for Russian-speaking Hebrew students of all levels. (Hardcover / 800 pages)