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My 100 Songs Book 2 with 2 CD's
My 100 Songs Book 2 with 2 CD's
With Embeded CD 100 Shirim Rishonim Bet (Hebrew)
Author: Talma Aligon-Roz
Price: $48.00 
Special Price: $40.00
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 13: 0004297500069
Catalog Number: 0004297500069

This is the second volume in an anthology including (almost) all of the nursery rhymes known to those of us who grew up in Israel. This is a packaged set containing one book and an audio CD known in Hebrew as 100 Shirim Rishonim. A great way for Israelis of any age to remember childhood years as well as for new and future immigrants to Israel to catch up and bridge the cultural gap with their new compatriots.