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Multi Dictionary (for English Speakers)
Price in Israel NIS 190
Multi Dictionary (for English Speakers)
Rav Milon Hebrew Hebrew-English English-Hebrew
Author: Edna Lauden
Price: $68.00 
Special Price: $40.00
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 965390003X
Catalog Number: 026-7 g003
Number of Pages: 916
Year Published: 2006

This dictionary is for English speakers studying Hebrew. You can look up a word in Hebrew and find it's meaning in English along with a Hebrew usage example. You can also look up a word in English and find it's meaning in Hebrew.

Perfect for the serious Hebrew student, the multi dictionary is comprised of a wide range of entries, expressions and idioms, which reflect the multi-faceted linguistic inventory of modern Hebrew. Signs and Abbreviations - Word lists by subject - Verb tables - Interpersonal communication - Medical terms - Holidays and customs - Foreign words common to Hebrew and English. The most comprehensive dictionary for the serious student!