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To Succeed in Hebrew Verbs and Syntax
To Succeed in Hebrew Verbs and Syntax
Lehatzliach Be-ivrit bapoel uv-tachbir
Author: Meira Maadia
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657493110
ISBN 13: 9789657493113
Catalog Number: 9789657493113/D-777
Number of Pages: 248

The book To Succeed in Hebrew - Verbs and Syntax - is intended for students of Hebrew on the intermediate and advanced levels in ulpans universities and schools.
The first part of the book includes all verb conjugations by conjugations and by forms. There are many various exercises and verb charts in it. The book also shows the connection between the active and passive conjugations.The second part of the book includes drills on all sorts of sentences in syntaxes (sentence structure). The drilling is made to familiarize students with sentence structure and the semantic-logical connections within sentences.The book is suited for learning in various educational institutions as well as for self-learning.