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The Bible and its World  (Hebrew)
The Bible and its World (Hebrew)
Selected Literary and Historical Studies
Author: Professor Menachem Haran (Editor)
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press

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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9654933292
ISBN 13: 9789654933292
Catalog Number: 9789654933292
Number of Pages: 668
Year Published: 2009

This selection of studies spans a period of about 50 years while including new studies which are published here for the first time. The studies in the first section all deal with religious rituals in Israel in Biblical times, and are characterized by a constant aspiration to infiltrate this exotic and mysterious world, described in utopist and anachronistic lines, and to see it for what it is, without disregarding its legislative uncompromising character on the one hand or its internal power and riveting wholeness on the other. The second section brings together studies dealing with the written work and the author's labor in Biblical times and from which arises the fact that it is impossible to properly understand the biblical literary design without paying attention to the conditions in which the biblical author lived and the material he worked with, mainly the scrolls. Various studies dealing with various aspects of biblical literature and Israel's biblical faith and religion, were collected in the third section. The fourth section holds programmatic contents on critical studying of the bible and exploring it in the new era.