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The Commentary of Rabbi Samuel Ben Meir, (Rashbam) on The Song of Songs (Hebrew)
The Commentary of Rabbi Samuel Ben Meir, (Rashbam) on The Song of Songs (Hebrew)
Sources for the Study of Jewish Culture
Author: Sara Japhet
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press

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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9657418011
ISBN 13: 9789657418017
Number of Pages: 350
Year Published: 2009

This commentary was first published in 1855 in the Aharon Yelink Edition of the 32 Hamburg manuscripts and was welcomed happily by the Jewish Sages of that generation, however it was quickly forgotten and its relation to RASHBAM was distrusted. The damaged edition, in which it was published, did not benefit it either, and it hardly left any impression on the Biblical research of the new age. The current essay is a revised scientific edition of the commentary, based on all the known wording testimonies known today: 3 complete manuscripts, 2 segments of other manuscripts and another written testimony of another manuscript which we do not hold. The commentary's edition is preceded by a comprehensive preface which deals with a wide range of subjects: identifying the commentary's author, its affinity to other essays by RASHBAM, the sources of the commentary…, the literary aspects of the commentary, allegoric commentary of SONG OF SONGS and his message according to his time and era, verbal issues in the commentary and an introduction to this edition…