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Living Hebrew Textbook with Audio CD
Price in Shekels NIS 180
Living Hebrew Textbook with Audio CD
490 verbs in 4000 phrases of everyday life
Author: J. Elihay
Price: $56.00 
Special Price: $49.95
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657397006
ISBN 13: 9789657397008
Catalog Number: g700 / D-1105
Number of Pages: 294
Year Published: 2009

You finish the ulpan, you begin speaking Hebrew - only to find yourself stumbling over each verb. Hebrew is an easy language with difficult verbs. This book and the accompanying discs allow you to hear 4,000 every-day phrases, which cover all the different Hebrew verb-forms, in order of ascending difficulty - from the simplest (No 1) to the most complicated (No 490). One page a day and in 4 months you swill be using the verbs with ease. You will also have heard thousands of words and useful phrases - which you might otherwise only come across here and there, over several years. The course also exist in a version for French and Russian speakers, thousands of whom have already profited from using the book - which will remain a handy companion for years to come.