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Tanach Cassuto (Hebrew)
Tanach Cassuto (Hebrew)
15 Volume Set
Author: Umberto Cassuto
Price: $500.00 
Special Price: $220.00
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9657305012
ISBN 13: 9789657305010
Catalog Number: D-1057 / d501b
Number of Pages: 4350

Biblical Commentary based on the scholarship of Umberto Moshe David Cassuto. This Bible encylopedia contains full color illustrations and is a favorite among teachers of Bible in Israel.

Scholars that took part in the composition and editing of this work include;

M. Mazar
M. Avi Yona
M. Even Ari
S. Abromsky
Y. Aharoni
Y. Elizur
M. Haran
Y. Yadin
and many more