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Abarbanel on The Torah
Abarbanel on The Torah

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Selected Themes from the Five Books of Moses
Author: Isaac ben Judah Abarbanel
Price: $46.00 
Special Price: $32.00
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9657118050
ISBN 13: 9789657118054
Catalog Number: D-1038
Number of Pages: 440
Year Published: 2007

Selected Themes from the Five Books of Moses include; The Creation, Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, From Adam & Noah, Israel and the Stars, Kingship, The Akeda, Revelation at Sinai, Dreams, Karet, The Sacrifices.

In this volume the diligent Torah student will find a series of texts selected from Abarbanel’s widely consulted Bible commentary.

In these pages Abarbanel presents his strikingly original insights into some of the Torah''s essential teachings, which he submits after a critical review of his classical forerunners. Abarbanel''s intellectual scope was truly encyclopedic, encompassing the entire spectrum of Judaism as also all of the extant literature on science, philosophy and history With readability in mind we have omitted the series of questions introducing each section of Abarbanel''s commentary.

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