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Zionism and History
Zionism and History

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The Rise of a New Jewish Consciousness
Author: Shmuel Almog
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press

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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 0312898851
Number of Pages: 332
Year Published: 1987

The radical transformation of the Jews during the last century has not ceased to arouse curiosity. Once a widely scattered, mostly isolated and rather backward, and often despised minority-group, Jews have risen in the world. Today they are an advanced and outgoing sector of western society, which having established themselves as a sovereign nation in their ancient homeland.
What is the difference between Jewry and Judaism? Are Jews an ethnic minority, a religious community, a political entity? This book faces such issues by depicting their historical background and analyzing their intellectual underpinnings. Thus Zionism at the turn of the century is presented as a thorough-going renaissance movement that changed Jewish life from within, and transformed the relations between the Jews and the outside world.

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