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Jewish Identity
Jewish Identity
The Case of Ethiopian Jewry
Author: Michael Corinaldi
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press

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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652239933
Number of Pages: 260
Year Published: 1998

This book reviews the status of Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) through a most recent comprehensive research of the roots of Jewish Identity. The author argues that Jewishness is not determined by scientific and sociological techniques alone, but is a function of halakha (Jewish Law). Consequently, where, as here, “historical truth” is uncertain, it is “halakhic truth” which is definitive for Jews. All of these issues revolve around the crucial question “who is a Jew?”

The upsurge of aliyah from Ethiopia reached its peak, as is well-known, with “Operation Moses” in 1984-1985, and with “Operation Solomon” in 1991, rescue airlifts that resonated around the globe. This immigration of 70,000, including the current return of the Falas Mura, has intensified debates on questions concerning the Law of Return.