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Ellie’s Shabbat Surprise
Price in Israel NIS 48
Ellie’s Shabbat Surprise

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Authors: S. Kim Glassman (Illustrator)
Beverly Mach-Geller
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $13.95 
Special Price: $13.20
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652293903
ISBN 13: 9789652293909
Catalog Number: 390-9
Number of Pages: 32
Year Published: 2008

Ellie’s Shabbat Surprise is another book in the series about the family of Elisheva, or Ellie, as she likes to be called.

In this beautiful Shabbat story, Ellie has a problem. She has been practicing a special song to sing in her Shabbat group. But what has happened to her voice? It sounds funny – “kind of rough and low.” How will she be able to sing?

Find out how she deals with the problem in a unique and inventive way, and join Ellie and her family from the Sabbath’s beginning, “Shabbat shalom,” until its end, “Shavua tov.”

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