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Be A Mensch
Price in Israel NIS 46
Be A Mensch
Why Good Character Is the Key to a Life of Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Love
Authors: Howard Jonas (contributor)
Moshe Kaplan (compiler and editor)
Abraham J. Twerski (contriburtor)
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9652294330
ISBN 13: 9789652294333
Catalog Number: g433 / 433-3
Number of Pages: 128
Year Published: 2009

Table of Contents
Introduction by Sara Yoheved Rigler, Author of Holy Woman and Lights from Jerusalem

A Truly Holistic Approach by Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, Founder and Medical Director Emeritus of the Gateway Rehabilitation Center, and the author of over thirty books on personal growth

But Will Good Character Pay My Bills? by Howard Jonas, Founder and CEO of IDT Corporation

The Cooperative Character by Professor Robert J. Aumann, Winner of the 2005 Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Psycho-Neuro-Immunology: Health, Character, and Spirituality – The Science Connecting Body and Mind by Dr. Yakir Kaufman, Head of Neurology at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem

The Song of the Soul by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, PhD Former professor of mathematical logic at Johns Hopkins University and senior lecturer of Jewish Philosophy at Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem

Psychological Benefits of Good Character by Judith Mishell, PhD, Clinical psychologist, author of Beyond Your Ego

The Golden Path: On Being a Mensch by Dr. Moshe Kaplan, MD, Physician, investment banker, and author of A Wholly Life

“To Be a Mensch addresses a central problem of our times: what is good character, and why should we care about it? We can all see the decline in honest, concern for others, idealism, responsibility for the community and the drive to have a life that makes the world a better place. Historically, religion has been the source of these values. Dr. Moshe Kaplan is continuing this tradition in the present volume by gathering together an all-star group of people with advanced secular education and profound religious commitment.

Their articles explore good character from many perspectives: psychological, economic, philosophical, physical and more. This will provide food for thought and inspiration for those seeking a more meaningful approach to life. I wish Dr. Kaplan and his authors every success in inspiring people to raise their sights and lead more idealistic and meaningful lives.”
Bostoner Rebbe

Good character is necessary in itself. It is an end and not a means. But this book shows why it is also essential as a means.
Akiva Tatz, M.D. Author, and Director of the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum