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The Daughters Victorious
The Daughters Victorious

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A Dramatization of the Torah Story of the Daughters of Zelaphchad
Author: Rabbi Shlomo Wexler
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $18.95
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652292559
ISBN 13: 9789652292551
Catalog Number: g255 / 255-9
Number of Pages: 456
Year Published: 2001

More than 3,000 years ago, five determined women fought for equality and dignity – and changed the course of history. Their story is the subject of an intriguing book by Rabbi Shlomo Wexler, The Daughters Victorious, (Gefen Publishing Ltd, 2001), a docu-fiction dramatizing the biblical story of the daughters of Zelaphchad.
Arguably the first ‘feminists’, these brave and passionate sisters fought for property rights and religious education for women, at a time when such notions were unthinkable. Their efforts resulted in the institution of inheritance laws that were subsequently incorporated into the laws of the Torah, paving the way for women’s rights and liberty.
The Daughters Victorious is based on a rigorous study of teachings from the Talmud and Midrash. Rabbi Wexler invigorates this little-known story, exploring a new and refreshing angle on the subject of women in the bible. Indeed, this book demonstrates how Judaism was the first religion to advance the status of women, more than 3,000 years before even the most progressive western civilizations acted similarly.
Engaging and accessible, The Daughters Victorious deftly combines history, fiction and biblical teachings. The result is entertaining, educational and enlightening – a challenging read for Torah scholars, people with an interest in ancient Jewish history, and, of course, women of all ages.

“…fascinating and inspiring reading. Biblical figures come to life and one feels the heartbeat of the generation that left Egypt and continues on to the Land of Israel.”
—Rabbi Dr. Aaron Rakeffet
Professor of Rabbinic Literature at Yeshiva University’s Gruss Institute in Jerusalem

“…You have succeeded in opening the eyes of our generation.”
—Rabbi Hersch M. Galinsky
Dean and Director General Educational Centers in Israel of the Rabbinical Council of America

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