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Marry A Mensch
Marry A Mensch

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Timeless Jewish Wisdom For Today's Single Woman
Author: Devorah Kigel
Price: $16.95 
Special Price: $15.00
US release Date: 10/3/2024
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Israel release Date: 8/28/2024
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ISBN 10: 9657801672
ISBN 13: 9789657801673

Devorah Kigel shares practical priceless pearls of dating wisdom that will surely turn into diamonds. Follow her advice and invite us all to the wedding!
Lori Palatnik, author, founding director of Momentum

Marry a Mensch is a masterclass on efficient, confident, and dignified dating. Devorah provides a detailed roadmap that is psychologically sound, rooted in Torah values, and guided by her own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. I highly recommend this comprehensive, compassionate, and enlightening book.
Dr. David Lieberman, PhD, New York Times best-selling author

Devorah offers a rare gift to her readers: a how-to guide to finding your soulmate that is frank, compassionate, and hopeful. With authenticity and humor, she shares the wisdom she has acquired throughout her life’s work with singles who are dating for marriage, layered on top of the lessons learned from her own dating journey.
Aleeza Ben Shalom, star of the Netflix hit Jewish Matchmaking

Devorah is amazing! She was one of the first people I trained in dating mentoring – now there are close to three hundred marriages that she helped create, thank G-d! It’s such nachas for me – and the world really needs it!
Rosie Einhorn, LCSW

Marry a Mensch is a must-read for anyone navigating the dating process. Devorah’s writing style is clever, funny, deeply insightful, and she cuts right to the heart of the matter. You will feel like you’re talking to a savvy friend or mentor who has been there done that, not being lectured at. She will help you gain an understanding of what you actually need in a partner, moving beyond superficial wants that can distract you from what really matters. You will also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the life you want, to keep you focused and help you actually get there. Dating for marriage can be overwhelming at times, but Devorah walks you through it from soup to nuts, providing invaluable insight to help you navigate the journey.
Sabrina Bendory, author and relationship coach

Having Devorah come along on your dating journey is such a gift. She has an innate ability to break down tough dating dilemmas into simple solutions so you can get to your husband way more quickly. This book provides the comfort of a best friend while at the same time knowing you have a mentor with years of experience on your side. There’s no shame involved when working with Devorah’s teachings – only wisdom to be gained and lasting love ahead!
Alex Abel Segal, former editor of Seventeen magazine

Devorah Kigel, dating coach par excellence, has written a clear and concise dating guide for today’s single woman. This book is filled with practical tips and important insights gleaned from her own dating journey as well as her years of successfully guiding hundreds of other women to their soulmates. And…it’s a fun read!
Chana Levitan, author and relationship coach

Devorah Kigel has written a terrific, down-to-earth book on dating – a good, fun read, yet packed with incredibly valuable information that will put women on a more painless and rewarding path to Mr. Right.
Gila Manolson, author

Decades of wisdom are packed into this profound yet easy-to-read classic. Marry a Mensch is so much more than a dating book – this is a guidebook to living in touch with your inner self and along the way learning how to share that with someone else.
Moshe Gersht, author and TEDx lecturer

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