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The Lonka Project
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The Lonka Project

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The Power of Life. A Photographic Tribute to the Last Holocaust Survivors Around the World
Authors: David Grossman (forward)
Jim Hollander
Rina Castelnuovo Hollander
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $65.00
ISBN 10: 9657801524
ISBN 13: 9789657801529
Catalog Number: 7801-52
Number of Pages: 504
Year Published: 2024

THE LONKA PROJECT is named after Dr. Lonka (Eleonora) Nass (1926–2018). Lonka survived with her mother Fella the years of the Holocaust in the Krakow Ghetto and the concentration and extermination camps Plaszów, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Terezin. Her father, a baby brother and extended family members perished. For 70 years she was married to Dr. Yanek (Jerzy) Nass (1927–2021).

Yanek survived with his parents first in an underground bunker in the Polish town Jaworów, today Ukraine. He witnessed the atrocities committed by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators. He was one of a small group of boys who fled briefly to the forests after joining Artek Hener. Most of the boys were killed. Lonka and Yanek immigrated to Israel, where they rebuilt their lives.

THE LONKA PROJECT is a photographic tribute to the last Holocaust survivors around the world. Since 2019, hundreds of professional photographers, many world leaders in their respective fields, volunteered their talent not only to capture the human subjects artistically, but also to draw lessons and serve as memory keepers for tomorrow’s generations who will never know a Holocaust survivor. For the participating survivors around the world who generously opened their homes and hearts to the photographers, The Lonka Project carries their global message for tolerance, humanity and compassion in a world not rid of antisemitism and ethnic hatred. The rhythms of life do not mitigate the horrors of the past, yet the survivors continue to stand as a symbol of optimism. This book celebrates resilience and the power of life. We participating photographers believe it is our duty to shine a spotlight on the last living witnesses of the Holocaust, because truth cannot be defeated.
Jim Hollander and Rina Castelnuovo Hollander

As a publisher for over 40 years, I am used to receiving many book projects. Very few grab my attention at first sight. Such was The Lonka Project. As a son of a survivor, I immediately agreed to publish this unique album. It is rare that we publishers are presented with a project that so effectively reminds the world of the horrors of the Holocaust and the resilience of the survivors.
Ilan Greenfield
CEO, Gefen Publishing House

In 2018 – when photojournalists Jim Hollander and Rina Castelnuovo decided to address the continuing chasm in public awareness about World War II and the Nazi regime and started The Lonka Project – […] Jim and Rina set out to approach things with the simple mantra of a one subject/one photographer construct that would soon ripple cross the globe and attract numerous marquee names from the world of photography [who] fell in step with the “no rules but with absolute control” of the edict given to all.… Rina and Jim’s resolve to pursue this universal body of work is nothing short of miraculous. Inspirational at its core.…
Max Hirshfeld
Blind magazine

The international photo community has responded with enthusiasm.… Each of them managed to find a personal approach to conveying the survivors’ frailty and strength, resulting in masterful photos.…
The Eye of Photography

The portraits are as varied as the people they depict, as top photographers try to capture something of their essence and survival in a single frame.
Dina Kraft

The result of their efforts is one of the largest feats of photojournalism ever attempted. Castelnuovo and Hollander have met scores of news photographers in a career of reporting on conflict in the Middle East, but the project also includes contributions from dozens of prominent commercial, art, fashion and studio photographers.… The result is an incredibly diverse set of pictures with no singular artistic theme.
Oliver Holmes
The Guardian

The Lonka Project has never been more relevant and urgent.
Peter Dench
amateur photographer, UK

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