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The Golden Land and the Holy Land
The Golden Land and the Holy Land

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American Jewry and the Yishuv in the Late Ottoman Period
Author: Nathan A. Efrati
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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Special Price: $32.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 965702384X
ISBN 13: 9789657023846
Catalog Number: 7023-84
Number of Pages: 472
Year Published: 2022

The Golden Land and the Holy Land: American Jewry and the Yishuv in the Late Ottoman Period sheds new light on the relationship between these two Jewish communities in the early decades of Zionism.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Jewish immigration to the United States intensified, creating a new alternative to Erets Yisrael as the Promised Land. Yet the beginning of Zionist activity in the United States inspired an important change in American Jewish attitudes toward Erets Yisrael and activities on behalf of the community across the ocean. American Jews helped lay foundations for scientific advancements in Erets Yisrael in the fields of agriculture and health; they influenced the decision in favor of Hebrew over German in the “language war” in the Yishuv’s educational institutions; and they aspired to change the nature of financial assistance from the chalukah charity system to productive philanthropy. The crowning achievement of American Jewish involvement in Erets Yisrael was its contribution to the Yishuv’s physical survival during World War I and the diplomatic processes leading up to the Balfour Declaration.

This book is the first comprehensive study to address the history of the relationship of American Jewry to the Yishuv and its practical results during the first generation of the Zionist project of settling Erets Yisrael.

Table of Contents
Foreword by President Isaac Herzog ix
Preface xi
Introduction xv

Chapter 1:
Erets Yisrael in the Perception of American Jewry page 3
Chapter 2:
Visits of American Jewish Leaders to Erets Yisrael, 1901–1914 page 51
Chapter 3
American Jewry and Yishuv Issues page 123
Chapter 4
From Chalukah to Philanthropy – A New Approach page 173

Chapter 5
The Jewish Agricultural Experiment Station in Atlit page 209
Chapter page 6
American Jewish Support for the Health System in
Erets Yisrael page 265
Chapter 7
American Jews and the Language War in Erets Yisrael page 301
Chapter 8
American Jewry’s View of Erets Yisrael during
World War I page 341

Epilogue page 397
Brandeis’s Visit to Erets Yisrael, July 1919 page 415
Bibliography page 421
Index page 439

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