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The Pagoda House (Hebrew)
The Pagoda House (Hebrew)
Beit Hapagoda
Price: $36.00 
Special Price: $32.00
ISBN 13: 9789655649048
Year Published: 2021

Saar Rigby has reached the roof of the world. But suddenly it seems that the life he has painstakingly built is falling apart: mysterious hackers are attacking his girlfriend; His beloved is not who she purports to be, and as if all this were not enough - Europe is plagued by a series of horrific attacks. The Mossad estimates that the Duke, Saar's old enemy, is behind them again, and asks Saar to help locate him.
An assault is sucked into a storm of international terrorism and espionage and also into a deep identity crisis. He must try to prevent an attack, save his business and his beloved, find the duke and perhaps, just maybe, find peace of mind as well.
The pagoda house sweeps the reader with bated breath and at a dizzying pace into a secret world of hackers and spies, warriors and terrorists.

Daniel, a teenager, served permanently as an officer in classified positions at the Israel Defense Forces and is currently the director of an investment company. The pagoda house continues the plots of Red Sky but also stands on its own.

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