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The Insider's Guide to Israel - An Anthology by Tour Educators
Authors: Ya’acov Fried
Gilad Peled
Yishay Shavit
Price: $24.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657023777
ISBN 13: 9789657023778
Catalog Number: 7023-77

Heartbeats invites you to step off of the well-worn tourist paths and enjoy rare access to the nuances, contradictions, and complexities that make up the State of Israel. This fascinating anthology is penned and compiled by Israeli expert tour educators who each share their experience of Israel through their own personal lens, background, and vantage point.

Reading this book before, during, and after your journey to Israel will give you an exciting opportunity to delve deeper, not just into the country but into yourselves. We hope that this guide will serve as a map through which your curiosity will be able to run free and will enable you to experience and appreciate the diverse fabric of Israeli society.

“An illuminating window into Israel’s stunning tapestry. In this compelling collection, top Israeli tour educators share with us their personal insights of Israel from an authentic pluralistic perspective.”
—Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President, Union for Reform Judaism

“Transform yourself from a tourist into a pilgrim! Whether it is your first time or your tenth time visiting Israel, Heartbeats will equip you with a toolbox of questions and thoughts that will transform your next trip into a journey of the soul.”
—Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove, Rabbi, Park Avenue Synagogue

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