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Graffiti (Hebrew)
Graffiti (Hebrew)
Author: Vered Schnabel
Price: $30.00 
Special Price: $27.00
ISBN 10: 11201547
Number of Pages: 191
Year Published: 2021

And suddenly she saw her. The woman was standing near the window sill. Half her body tilted forward, as if it were a balance, and then it happened. The woman was in the air. It was a miraculous slow motion, one moment she was by the window sill and a moment later she floated and then - disappeared...
One evening, on a main road, three drivers witness this spectacle: A woman stands on a windowsill in a tall residential building, and jumps.
The lives of the drivers, two women and one man, also depend on braking, and the inconceivable sight of a woman floating in the air and falling to the ground makes them stop. From that moment on, the course of their lives change forever.
On the highway on which the three protagonists of the novel travel, as well as in life itself, heartache and anguish are the lot of everyone - of a lost mistress, of a married woman, of a young and widowed man - and compassion is a cure for soul wounds, even when the giver is a complete stranger .
Graffiti is Vered Schnabel's fourth novel, and like her other books it is sweeping and clever, full of warmth and emotion.

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