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Hijack for Freedom
Hijack for Freedom
The Memoirs of Mark Dymshits: Soviet Pilot, Jew, Breacher of the Iron Curtain
Author: Mark Dymshits
Price: $24.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9789657023259
Catalog Number: 7023-25
Year Published: 2021

June 15, 2020, marked the fiftieth anniversary of the failed attempt of a group of fourteen Soviet Jews and two Russian freedom fighters to hijack a small plane from Leningrad Airport in order to escape the Soviet Union. At the head of this attempt was former Soviet air force pilot Major Mark Dymshits.

They were sixteen: three Jewish families, including two daughters and one pregnant young woman; four Jewish refuseniks; and two Russian regime fighters. They were not part of any organization and indeed barely knew each other, but they had the same goal: to break through the prison wall of the Soviet regime and go to Israel or any other free country.
The international scandal following their trial and brutal sentencing paved the way for hundreds of thousands of Jews to leave the Soviet Union. Later, the calls for freedom would crescendo, eventually bringing down the Berlin Wall.

In this memoir, now appearing in print for the first time, Mark Dymshits recalls his life as a Soviet Jewish citizen and air force pilot and relates the events that led him to concoct the audacious plan that ultimately changed the world