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Gathering Grains of Sand
Gathering Grains of Sand
My Search for Samuel Jacobs
Author: Jeff Kaye
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $19.95
ISBN 13: 9789657023341
Catalog Number: 7023-34 / g7334
Number of Pages: 209
Year Published: 2020

ALMOST EIGHTY YEARS AFTER Samuel Jacobs died in Glasgow, only two of his original seventeen grandchildren remained, and his life story was at dire risk of being lost to the sands of time. But fate thought differently. When, following the death of his own father, Jeff Kaye stumbled on his great-grandfather Shmuilo, he began to track
him down to find out how he got from his birthplace in a farm beside Vievis, Lithuania,
to Glasgow, Scotland.

Inevitably, the journey forces Kaye to grapple with core questions of Jewish existence, Israel, and the human condition, culminating in an encounter Kaye would have preferred not to share.

Accompanying Jeff on his search for his great-grandfather, the reader is taken on a profound tour of the complexities of the rapidly changing world of Jewish identity. A Scottish youngster’s encounter with Lithuania of then, with Israel of then and now, with the American Jewish present and future, and with the Jews of Ethiopia and Russia all within less than a century leaves one breathless. Jeff’s proven talent as a storyteller makes this work one of the more readable Jewish books of the decade.
Avraham Infeld
President Emeritus of Hillel – the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Jeff Kaye’s new book Gathering Grains of Sand is a historical gem, full of personal insight,
which stitches together two separate worlds, connected by the string of time.… I found
it relatable, moving, and inspiring in a surprisingly personal way.

Yael Eckstein
President and CEO, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

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