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A Tzaddik in Our Time (Hebrew)
A Tzaddik in Our Time (Hebrew)
Ish Tzadik Haya - The Life of Rabbi Aryeh Levin
Author: Simcha Raz
Price: $32.00 
Special Price: $26.00
Format: Hard Cover
Catalog Number: HEB-NF
Year Published: 1982

This is the original Hebrew book about the great Reb Aryeh Levin the tzaddik of Jerusalem.

In our day, the word hero is usually associated with acts of valor, on or off the battlefield; sometimes with sports or cultural figures, adventurous types; but rarely, with those exemplary individuals who live humble, pious lives. Yet such was the life of Rabbi Aryeh Levin.

Often referred to as the tzaddik (righteous) of Jerusalem, he was truly a giant of the spirit, a hero of the heart, and this is his life story. Born in Lithuania, he arrived in Jerusalem at the turn of the 20th century. Beyond his hours of teaching, his days and nights were filled with care and consideration for those in need. He regularly provided comfort to prisoners, patients in leper hospitals, and the downtrodden. His sincerity and kindness broke through boundaries, bringing light and love into the lives of thousands.

Every page of this inspiring, heartfelt biography is filled with memorable stories, anecdotes, and Reb Aryeh's words of wisdom. It s rare to find a book that has the power to transform a reader s life into a better, more meaningful one, but this one does.

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