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Winning Every Moment
Winning Every Moment
Soul Conversations with the Baal HaTanya
Author: Yehiel Harari
Price: $18.00 
Special Price: $17.10
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9789657023372
Catalog Number: g7337 / 7023-37
Number of Pages: 296
Year Published: 2020

What is the secret of the Tanya? How has it become a cornerstone of every Jewish library? Is this method relevant to our modern life? AS SOON AS RABBI SHNEUR ZALMAN of Liadi (the Baal Hatanya) formulated his method of self-mastery, more than two hundred years ago, it spread like wildfire.

Within a few years, thousands had knocked on his door to get “therapy” with individually tailored advice for various emotional challenges. The Tanya was compiled over a twenty-year period to present a comprehensive framework that would serve as a substitute for a face-to-face encounter and last for generations to come.

Rabbi Shneur Zalman’s method sees a person as locked in a lifelong internal struggle. The mission of life is to win the struggle in the present moment. This optimistic attitude toward the human psyche – and the claim that at any moment one can be victorious in the day’s struggles –has captivated hearts for centuries and is here available to the modern reader in a down-to-earth presentation.

Winning Every Moment enables the reader to develop an intimate spiritual conversation with the great master of Jewish psychology. Through this soul conversation with the Baal Hatanya, you are invited to know yourself and your inner powers.

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