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Adon Olam
Adon Olam
A Search for Meaning
Author: Ashirah Yosefah
Price: $24.95
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 1940516188
ISBN 13: 9781940516189
Catalog Number: 9781940516189
Number of Pages: 384

What is Adon Olam? It is a song, a prayer that religious Jews have said every day for millennia. Believe it or not, it is packed with everything you want to know: Why did God create the world? How did physicality come about? Why would the Infinite God need or want anything? How can the finite person hope to connect to the Infinite? Why should we and our actions matter to God? Why is there so much evil and hardship? What great purpose is gained by enduring pains and confusions? Is there any core difference between all the faiths that claim to be monotheistic? Why would God care about me my actions and thoughts, my troubles and sorrows? What about afterlife? What is its true nature? Adon Olam has the answers to all these questions, and more.