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Perspectives on Jewish Law and Contemporary Issues
Price in Israel NIS 64
Perspectives on Jewish Law and Contemporary Issues
Author: Wayne Allen
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ISBN 10: 9657105641
ISBN 13: 9789657105641
Catalog Number: 9789657105641
Number of Pages: 450
Year Published: 2009

This book is a collection of 85 responsa written between 1988-2008. Using a wide array of Talmudic and halakhic sources along with archaeology, philology, artwork, music history and medicine, Rabbi Wayne Allen of Beth Tikvah in Toronto, addresses a wide range of subjects with which the modern Jewish world continues to grapple. Based on the authors more than thirty years of congregational experience, the book deals with issues such as virtual synagogues, women in Jewish Law, weddings, funerals, tattoos, astrology, cloning, mourning, the Ketubah and clergy confidentiality.