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The Status of Women in Jewish Law
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The Status of Women in Jewish Law
Author: David Golinkin
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ISBN 10: 9657105692
ISBN 13: 9789657105696
Catalog Number: d569 / 8-710-569
Number of Pages: 413
Year Published: 2012

This book is dedicated to the study of the halakhic status of women in the synagogue and in public life. Rabbi Golinkin deals with the tension which exists between Jewish Law and modernity, striving to bridge the gap between tradition and change. He looks for leniencies within the framework of Jewish Law in order to show that changes can be made in the status of women in Jewish Law. Rabbi Golinkin deals with questions such as women and tefillin, women in the Minyan and as Shelihot Tzibbur, aliyot for women, women and the mourners' Kaddish, women as Halakhic Authorities, the ordination of women as rabbis, and more.