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Pius XII and the Holocaust: Current State of Research
Pius XII and the Holocaust: Current State of Research
Authors: David Bankier
Dan Michman
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9653084216
ISBN 13: 9789653084216
Catalog Number: 9789653084216
Number of Pages: 278
Year Published: 2013

Dilemmas, silence, active rescue, and passivity are words often associated with Pius XII.

Critics” emphasize the wartime Pope’s failure to condemn Nazism, while “defenders” maintain that Vatican neutrality facilitated rescue activities by the faithful. This publication, which consists of the oral presentations of scholars gathered at Yad Vashem in March 2009 for a groundbreaking international workshop, attempts to present the current state of research on Pius XII and the Holocaust, based on new documentation.