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Hebrew With Pleasure with 2 MP3 audio CD's
Hebrew With Pleasure with 2 MP3 audio CD's
Without a Teacher's Help
Author: Edna Kadman
Price: $74.00 
Special Price: $46.00
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: B007X2VZ3E
ISBN 13: 0004100023907
Catalog Number: 0004100023907 / D-748-C / g390nf
Number of Pages: 374
Year Published: 2012

Hebrew With Pleasure is now available with a 2 CD MP3 audio program! is intended for English speakers who want to learn Hebrew outside a classroom framework by themselves.

Hebrew With Pleasure is recommended even if you dont know Hebrew. Its a study guide with lessons and excecizes. Its also a handy reference.

Hebrew With Pleasure helps you to learn Hebrew on your own, without a teachers help.

Hebrew With Pleasure includes practice excercises and answers plus a Hebrew-English glossary of all the words in the book.