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Hispania Judaica Series is a project of The Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Hispania Judaica is a research project whose field of work is related to the history of Spanish and Portuguese Jewry and the Conversos in the Iberia Peninsula both before and after the 1492 expulsion; it includes organization of symposiums and lectures, exhibits, research projects and publication of research books.

Hispania Judaica is a collection founded former chairman Prof. Haim Beinart and published by The Magnes Press. The aim of the series is the publication of monographs (in English) and documentary collections (in their original language). The archival material from Spain and Portugal is collected under the editorial supervision of Hispania Judaica. It is designed to cover methodically all regions of Sefarad. A representative number of communities, major events and various aspects in Judeo-Spanish history and biographies of personalities who played a major role in the life of Hispano-Jewish society are described anew and historically evaluated.
Hispania Judaica Series
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Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile
Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile
Price: $44.20
Dom David Negro and Dom Isaac Abravanel. Hispania Judaica series, Volume 10
The tenth volume of the Hispania Judaica seri...
Price: $48.30
A Jewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain. Hispania Judaica, Volume 2
This second volume is dedicated to the study ...