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Ellen Rodman is a writer, producer, and the president of LN Productions LLC, a production and media consulting company based in New York. Prior to founding her own company, Dr. Rodman served as an executive at NBC, where she launched the first missing children’s campaign in connection with the broadcast of the made-for-television movie Adam, and at Group W where she accepted a DuPont Columbia Award for Whispering Hope, the company’s outreach program on Alzheimer’s disease. The former family entertainment reviewer for the New York Times, Dr. Rodman is also the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles on subjects ranging from culture and media to education and health.

Under Rodman’s leadership, LN Productions has produced, among others, “The Gift of Time” (a special for Group W Television); “After Words: The Give and Take of Adoption” (a special for Lifetime); “Your Family Matters” for Lifetime (programming and community outreach for several years); 80 hours of a daytime talk show for a cable network; “More Money with the Dolans” (90 hours, interactive series with Ken and Daria Dolan for a cable network); “Quiet Triumphs” (13 hours for a cable network); “The Real Me Autobiographies” (10 hours for a cable network); “New Passages” (a prime-time special for ABC); “SpaFinders” (25 half-hours for a cable network); “Scandalous Art,” a pilot for Cablevision’s Bravo Network; and “Access:New Age,” a pilot for WEtv.

Rodman is the author of numerous articles on subjects ranging from education and health to animals and culture for newspapers e.g. The New York Times; and magazines e.g. McCall’s. Rodman’s work also appears in journals and books including the following:

“Edith King and Dorothy Coit and the King-Coit School and Children’s Theatre,” Spotlight on the Child: Studies in the History of American Children’s Theatre, Greenwood Press, 1989

Contributor, Notable Women in American Theatre, Greenwood Press, 1989

“TV: The Great Electronic Scapegoat,” Media & Methods, September 1981; reprinted in Telemedia, September/October 1983

Coauthor, “Teenagers and the Elderly: A Case Study,” TV & Teens: Experts Look at the Issues, Addison-Wesley, 1982

“Scholastic Writing Awards Projects,“ The Journal of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, Spring 1981

“Children’s Theatre is Big Business,” Children’s Theatre Review, August 1975

Coauthor (with Richard Flaste), The New York Times Guide to Children’s Entertainment, Quadrangle, 1976

Rodman was family entertainment reviewer for The New York Times for many years.

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