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Orit Gazit is a PhD candidate in the Departments of International Relations and Sociology and Anthropology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also holds an LlB degree from the Faculty of Law. Her research interests are in the social and cultural dimensions of International Relations, transnational identity construction, political exile and immigration and law and society. She has published an article "Power and Examination: A Critique of Citizenship Tests" in Security Dialogue (with Oded Löwenheim 2009); and a paper about Ethiopian immigrant families in Israel in Research in Sociology of Education (with Gad Yair 2006). Her M.A thesis about political exiles from Latin America to Israel was published in Hebrew by the Shain Center for Research in Social Sciences, and a review of the literature on Poverty and Education in Israel that she wrote was published by the NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University.

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Collective Identities, States and Globalization
Collective Identities, States and Globalization
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Essays in honor of S.N. Eisenstadt
The crashing of two jet airplanes into the Tw...