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Books: 50 Jewish Messiahs: The untold life stories of 50 Jewish Messiahs since Jesus and how they changed the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Worlds.
I have also written two works not published by Gefen: Digital Photography Tutor: The Easy Way to Great Photos (an eBook published by Graphics Management Press; no longer available), and Guide to Jewish Mourning and Condolence, previously distributed nationally, and currently available to the public at no charge in an updated online version at

Topics that I can speak about:
-The History of the Jewish Messiahs [a general overview]
-The Messiah who killed the Pope, and other remarkable early Jewish Messiahs
-The Messiah who was saved by the Pope, and the Catholic Church’s other favorite Jewish Messiahs
-The Rabbi who found the Lost Tribes of Israel and brought the Jewish Messiah into the Protestant World
-The Greatest Jewish Messiah, who reigned for almost 300 years and almost destroyed Judaism
-The pre-history of the Jews, the Lost Tribes, and the Messiah
-Finding the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
-From amateur historian to professional writer–the story of a book [for writers’ groups of book clubs]
Website: I am currently redoing my website, which I hope to have completed by March 31, 2011. The address is
Regions to speak in: Most convenient would be in Los Angeles. But I’ve also spoken in the broader Los Angeles/Orange County area, and in San Diego. Depending upon the nature of the talk, I would also be available to speak in the San Francisco area or outside of California.
Significant past appearances: Since the initial publication of 50 Jewish Messiahs at the end of 2002, I have given almost 25 book talks and classes on the topic of Jewish Messiahs, including most recently teaching a 4-week course that included a major book talk and signing at the 2010 Yom Limmud/San Diego Jewish Community learning event. I was also interviewed on a local area radio book show (KKSM Radio) and a nationally syndicated television book show (Connie Martinson Talks Books), and have personally appeared at author’s booths at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and BookExpo America. My other talks have included organizations such as Limmud/LA, Hadassah–San Fernando Valley, American Women for Magen David Adom, California Writer’s Club–San Fernando Branch, Barnes & Noble–Encino, Jewish Book Week at the West Valley Jewish Community Center, and numerous other synagogues and private Jewish study groups.
Special remarks/notes: I am an honors graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. I retired after thirty-five years of practicing, teaching, and writing about estate planning and tax law in Los Angeles. In addition, I have been significantly involved in the Los Angeles area Jewish community for almost fifty years. I am an accomplished, experienced, and popular speaker. During my legal career, I was an instructor for UCLA Extension courses and a perennial program speaker and moderator for several USC Law Institutes. My talks to attorney conferences, judicial institutes, university extension classes, professional luncheon groups, corporate sponsored seminars, senior centers, and charitable and community organizations have received high praise for their humor, straightforwardness, and direct, helpful communication with the audience.

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Fifty Jewish Messiahs
Fifty Jewish Messiahs
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More than fifty Jewish Messiahs have appeared...