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Gilad grew up on a kibbutz and served for four years as a combat officer in the IDF. Giladís home taught him that education is the best way
to shape our future, which is why he has invested the last thirty years working in informal education. Since 1998, Gilad has been traveling
around Israel with a wide range of groups. As a licensed tour guide, heís been teaching about the country. As a tour educator, heís explored
personal experiences. Specializing in Holocaust education, Gilad has worked as a guide for Yad Vashem and leads groups on tours to Jewish
Eastern Europe. For the past ten years, Gilad has worked with Jewish communities from around the world. For five years, he lived with his
family in Rome, Italy, where he worked as an Israeli emissary with the Jewish community.
Gilad holds a bachelorís degree in archaeology and Jewish thought from the Hebrew University, and a masterís degree in Jewish history from the University of Haifa. Gilad is married to Inbar and is a father of two.

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