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Rabbanit Dr. Adena K. Berkowitz is Scholar in Residence and co-founder of Kol HaNeshamah, NYC, an organization dedicated to reenergizing the spiritual lives of both not-yet-affiliated and affiliated Jews. With a background in law, Jewish studies, and psychotherapy. Rabbanit Berkowitz is the co-author, together with Rivka Haut, zl, of Shaarei Simcha: Gates of Joy, a mini prayer book and the first liturgical work in the modern era written by Orthodox women. A practicing therapist, she lives in New York with her husband Rabbi Zev Brenner and children Menachem Leib, Lizzy (and husband Sam Zakay), Pammy, Aderet, and Jessica Brenner.

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The Jewish Journey Haggadah
The Jewish Journey Haggadah
Price: $29.95 $22.00
Connecting the Generations
The Jewish Journey Haggadah has the full Hebr...