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Tales of the Righteous
Tales of the Righteous

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The Life of Rabbi Aryeh Levin (New Translation)
Authors: Dov Peretz Elkins (translator)
Simcha Raz
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $24.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 965229540X
ISBN 13: 9789652295408
Catalog Number: 9789652295408
Year Published: 2012

THROUGHOUT THE GENERATIONS, Jews have been inspired and guided by the tales of gedolim, our great masters of piety and wisdom. Simcha Razís Tales of the Righteous, newly translated by Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, brings the lives of these masters to life. Razís pithy vignettes and awe-inspiring tales show that together with their brilliance in Torah study, these rabbis were also paragons of sensitive, ethical behavior.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, THE TELLING OF THE HASIDIC TALE IS A SPECIAL SKILL and one that Simcha Raz knows well. It is truly a pleasure to observe how he has regenerated and restored legends and tales drawn from the wellspring of Hasidic lore.

ďCongratulations to the author. He presents us with the fair, literary, and humane countenance of Hasidism. The reader will sail
off to the most lofty horizons on a voyage of legend; his whole being will be enthralled. This book contains stories both short and long, sad tales and happy ones; narratives simple and complex.Ö

We who inhabit a world so devoted to its enhancement of the material will find that the reading of Simcha Razís book offers us the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery into another, more sublime world.

From the foreword by Eli Wiesel

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