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Aircraft of the World Volume 1 (Tigers in the Sky)
Aircraft of the World Volume 1 (Tigers in the Sky)
Author: Ofer Zidon (photography)
Price: $54.00 
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657371058
ISBN 13: 9789657371053
Catalog Number: 9789657371053
Number of Pages: 64
Year Published: 2011

Tigers in the Sky, which includes the latest Tiger Meet 2010, is produced by Aviation Photographer Ofer Zidon, who up until now has depicted Israeli Air Force planes. This book covers the NATO Tiger Association and its partners - squadrons in European and US air forces with tiger motif in their emblem. The colorful paint schemes of these squadron's aircraft catches the eye, and make great subject for a book. This book contain 64 pages in full color, with chapter on each squadron, including a short history and photos of the specially painted aircraft.