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Our Man in Damascus: Elie Cohn
Our Man in Damascus: Elie Cohn
The thrilling, shocking, true story of Israels most daring spy
Author: Eli Ben-hanan
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9994820947
Catalog Number: D-881
Number of Pages: 144

Elie Cohn was hanged from a hook in Martyrs Square, Damascus. The execution was carried live, from beginning to end, by the Syrian television network, while, in Israel, a pale woman watched every scene...

She was Nadia Cohn, the wife of Israels greatest spy - a man who had penetrated the highest echelons of the Syrian government so successfully that its President, El-Hafez, considered him an intimate friend.

Now the hard-hitting story of Elie Cohns amazing feats can be told. Though it reads like a Le Carre or Fleming novel, it is as tragic and true and shocking as todays headlines from the explosive Middle East...