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The Taming of the Jew
The Taming of the Jew

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A Journey Through the United Kingdom
Author: Tuvia Tenenbom
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $24.95 
Special Price: $23.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657023432
ISBN 13: 9789657023433
Catalog Number: 7023-43
Number of Pages: 504

The Taming of the Jew, Israel's number one best-selling e-book, is Tuvia Tenenbom's funniest and most disturbing book to date. For months on end, Tuvia roamed through the four nations that make up the United Kingdom Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. He interacted with anyone and everyone who came his way throughout his journey: from the terrifying ghosts long dead to the highly esteemed lords and baronesses very much alive, most of whom happened to be anti-Semites. But that's not all. While wandering around, Tuvia caught a nap in Winston Churchill's room, curled up in Hillary Clinton's European bed, played cat-and-mouse with the most famous Labour politician, Jeremy Corbyn, and enjoyed excellent tobacco with the Brexit architect, Nigel Farage. In between, he drank the blackest of coffees with a well-known bank robber, maintained close contact with an eagle, swallowed a monster, and chatted with Jewish leaders who fervently defended every anti-Semite in Her Majesty's Kingdom.

What differentiates this book from other books is this: This book is very funny.
Yaron London, Channel 11 TV (Israel)

Amazingly frank, amusing, fearless and chuzpadik wonderfully readable. Highly recommended.
Neville Teller, The Jerusalem Report (Israel)

If J.D. Salinger and John Steinbeck collaborated on antisemitism in the UK, they might have written The Taming of the Jew.
H. Fragman Abramson, Jewish Press (USA)

This is a frightening book and deserves to be read.
David Herman, The Article(UK)

A pointed, savage and often comic travelogue about attitudes in Britain and Ireland … Most excruciating, he finds perfectly 'tamed' British Jews who equivocate about the Jew-hatred in their country.
Melanie Phillips, Jewish Chronicle (UK)

Quizzical and tragic at the same time, the sort of comedy sketches that Samuel Beckett might have written if he were Jewish rather than Irish.
David Goldman, Algemeiner (USA)

An excellent book!
Avri Gilad, Channel 13 TV (Israel)

An accurate picture of reality, more accurate than BBC and CNN.
Roman Joch, Lidové Noviny (Czech Republic)

Razor sharp, sarcastic, occasionally even shocking, and very entertaining.
Petr Kolář, MF DNES (Czech Republic)

Tenenbom’s books are easy to read and digest. They are funny, full of self-depricating humor, and describe situations the writer finds himself in, accidentally or intentionally, that lead the reader to be fully engaged.
Zvika Klein, Makor Rishon (Israel)

Knowing how to deal with the everyday comic moments of life, while integrating the bizarre parts of the same life, is a craft and Tenenbom has it.
Christopher Wimmer, taz, die tageszeitung (Germany)

You will be amused, and often laugh out loud because Tenenbom is funny.
Walter Kaufmann, Neues Deutschland (Germany)

Full of investigative chutzpah and laughter, poetic like a bird flapping its wings, and sensual like a man loudly enjoying his meal ... mixing British wit and Talmudic subtleties.
Matthias Matussek, Die Weltwoche (Switzerland)

Without prejudice, and employing subtle humor, Tenenbom listens to his interviewees as they are desperately justifying themselves.
Steffen Könau, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

Tenenbom is the Egon Erwin Kirsch of our time.
Henryk M. Broder, Achgut (Germany)

Tenenbom’s writing is laced with great entertainment, while at the same time providing much knowledge.
Ulrike Borowczyk, Hamburger Abendblatt

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