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Royal Bastartds (Hebrew)
Royal Bastartds (Hebrew)
Shulchan Hamamzerim
Author: Andrew Shvarts
Price: $36.00 
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ISBN 10: 316509
Catalog Number: HEB-TF
Year Published: 2019

This is the Hebrew translation of the Andrew Shvarts' 2017 besteller Royal Bastards which is the first book of the Royal Bastards series.

Tilla, the bastard daughter of Lord Elric Kent, wants nothing more than to earn her fatherís love and be legitimized as his true heir. But when she and a group of fellow bastards sneak out after a feast, they witness their parents, led by Tillaís father, commit a horrific act of treason. Framed for a murder and sent on the run, the bastards band together, realizing they alone have the power to prevent a civil war that will tear their kingdom apartóif they can survive the journey . . .