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Can I be Your Dog? (Hebrew)
Can I be Your Dog? (Hebrew)
Efshar Lihyot Hakelev Shelachem?
Author: Troy Cummings
Price: $22.00 
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 0001008889758
Year Published: 2019

This is the Hebrew translation of the New York Times bestseller!

This picture book shares the tale of Arfy, a homeless mutt who lives in a box in an alley. Arfy writes to every person on Butternut Street about what a great pet he'd make. His letters to prospective owners share that he's house broken! He has his own squeaky bone! He can learn to live with cats! But, no one wants him. Won't anyone open their heartand home to a lonesome dog? Readers will be happily surprised to learn just who steps up to adopt Arfy.