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The Jewish Journey Haggadah
Price In Israel NIS 82.50
The Jewish Journey Haggadah
Connecting the Generations
Authors: Adena Berkowitz
Shira Hecht-Koller (photograghy)
Price: $29.95 
Special Price: $27.00
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 965229912X
ISBN 13: 9789652299123
Catalog Number: g912 / 912-3
Number of Pages: 248
Year Published: 2019

The Jewish Journey Haggadah has the full Hebrew text, an easy-to-read English translation and transliteration and shows the central role played by women in the Passover story.

Perfect for those of any background, this user-friendly family Haggadah features the full Hebrew text, together with an easy-to-read translation and transliteration. It adds meaningful commentary, stories, questions for discussion, fun holiday parody songs, jokes, Seder recipes, and activities to delight both adults and children.

When you use this Haggadah, your guests will be so engaged that they will forget to ask When do we eat?

Why the need for a new Haggadah?

In some families, a Haggadah distributed by a leading coffee company might suffice. For others, further insight and explanation of the text is needed to make the Passover story come alive. This Haggadah has been designed to:

Foster a deeper connection to Passover to enable participants from all backgrounds, from generation to generation, to be comfortable using a Hebrew or transliterated text, together with an inclusive English translation

Provide a user-friendly format with suggestions for preparing for Passover and internalizing its messages afterwards

Show the central role played by women in the Passover story

Spark discussion and sharing of insights, teachings, anecdotes, and stories