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The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility Volume 2
Price in Israel NIS 85 (Save NIS 15)
The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility Volume 2
Tzadka Mimeni: Vayikra, Bamidbar and Devarim
Author: Steven Pruzansky
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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ISBN 10: 9652296503
ISBN 13: 9789652296504
Catalog Number: g650 / 650-4
Number of Pages: 526
Year Published: 2018

The notion of “personal responsibility” has long been associated with maturity, reason, accountability, thrift, decency, and concern for others and for society at large. Yet, the modern world has largely abandoned it – and its implications for our ethical development are enormous.

Tzadka Mimeni, in its second volume, continues its extrapolation of the Jewish ethic of personal responsibility through lessons from the Torah, each supported by numerous sources from the wellsprings of Jewish literature. In the format of essays on each Torah portion, this book presents applications of “personal responsibility” in areas as diverse as marriage, parenting, education, leadership, repentance, mitzvot, self-help, divine service, healthy lifestyle choices, interpersonal relations, wealth, Jewish national life, the pursuit of virtue, character, the role of men and women, and more, leaving us with a thoughtful vision for modern man and our search for meaning and happiness.