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Not By The Food Alone
Not By The Food Alone

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Recipes and Tales from the Shabbat Table at Shanti House
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ISBN 10: 9652298611
ISBN 13: 9789652298614
Catalog Number: 9789652298614

Not By Food Alone is a tasteful, moving and unique cookbook, with recipes, stories and beautiful photos of the family-style Sabbath meals held by the Shanti House Association. The book was created in order to convey the powerful, compelling and familial experience of the Sabbath meals, meals that, with flavors and love, embrace homeless youths that despite the hardships they face have chosen life. This is a book whose goal it to be part of the daily support for the thousands of youths that reach our homes every year. The book is composed of 54 double spreads corresponding to the number of Sabbaths in a year. Alongside recipes by the finest chefs in Israel, Shanti House volunteers and Mariuma, the book includes tales that were carefully collected from Israel and throughout the world, and have an educational message and moral. 32 of Israel's leading chefs, as well as the photographers that produced the book all volunteered to work on the book for the benefit of Shanti House children. Shanti House began with weekly Kabalat Shabbats that were open to everyone who did not have a place to eat a warm, family Sabbath meal, and from Shabbat to Shabbat Shanti House grew and developed. This book grew out of the unique magic of these meals. All the revenues from the sale of the book are transferred in full to Shanti House Association, for the purpose of saving tens of thousands of youths at risk who, by coming to Shanti House, choose life.

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