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Family Matters
Family Matters
Courageous People in the Promised Land
Author: Barbara Katzenstein Jimenez
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 0615808328
ISBN 13: 9780615808321
Catalog Number: 9780615808321
Number of Pages: 356

Why has the Israeli/Palestinian issue proved so intractable? Why does the Western mantra affirming the separation of Church and State fail to resonate throughout the Middle East? Isn't it time to eschew platitudes and simplistic solutions? Shouldn't we start by heeding the dissonant chorus of those many stripes of Jews, Christians and Muslims living within Israel s borders?

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Who are these Israelis anyway? They are a heterogeneous array of more than thirty-three nationalities, ethnicities and religions, totaling eight million souls, who live cheek by jowl in an area (7850 sq. miles) roughly the size of New Jersey. The Negev Desert comprises three fifths of its landmass. Additionally, two hundred and fifty six million virulently hostile neighbors surround Israel, the majority of whom wish for nothing less than its total obliteration.

FAMILY MATTERS, Courageous People in the Promised Land describes the multicultural, multiethnic, multi religious composition of Israel and the ideological evolution that has occurred, over three generations, in the twenty families interviewed and photographed. It relates these peoples ideals, goals, realities and changing attitudes spanning nearly a century. Their stories are amazing profiles of courage, faith, hardship, love, success and failure. Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Druze, Baha i or Bedouin, had your ancestors immigrated to Israel rather than to America, such tales could have been yours.