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Right Hand Man
Price in Israel NIS 80
Right Hand Man
The Biography of Yechiel Kadishai, Chief of Staff and Confidant of Menachem Begin
Author: Menachem Michaelson
Price: $29.95 
Special Price: $22.00
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ISBN 10: 9652297364
ISBN 13: 9789652297365
Catalog Number: 736-5 \ g736

Right-Hand Man is the gripping story of Yechiel Kadishai, Menachem Beginís right-hand man and confidant. Kadishai was by Beginís side for decades, from the long years in the desert of opposition to Beginís ascendance to the premiership; from meetings with world leaders and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize to the Lebanon War; from Beginís resignation and seclusion until his death.